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Frequently Asked Questions:

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How do I sign up to race?

All entries made via entryboss. Check out the latest facebook posts for the links.

Are children allowed entry?

Cairns BMX club offers riders of all ages who are able to ride onto the track. All children must be supervised especially the Mini-Wheelers and Mini-Sprockets.

Do you offer a trial membership?

A 4 week free trial can be purchased through Auscycling for those wanting to have a go at the Cairns BMX track but not sure if they are ready to commit. 

What is some common racing terminology?

Some terms which may be thrown around on race nights include the following:

Moto - 1 circuit around the track

Berm - turn or corners on the track

Sweeper - big turn at the bottom of Berm 1

Straight - section of track between each Berm

What do I need to ride on the track?

Protective equipment such as fitted long pants, long sleeved top fitted at the wrist, full face helmet that covers the ears, gloves with complete hand and finger protection and closed toe shoes are compulsory on the track. 

Any 20inch or 24inch (cruiser) BMX bike will be good to go on the track. Remove any mudguards, chain guards, kick stands, pegs and reflectors for the safety of yourself and others. Ensure there are no sharp edges on your handlebars ( torn grips with exposed metal or pedals etc). You also need a rear brake that works.

All BMX bikes must be safety checked by an official who will assist with any minor adjustments required before being allowed to ride on the track.

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